Specialty Techniques


    The physical demands placed on a dancer’s body are unlike those of any other sport. At Reneu, we recognize the unique injuries and dysfunctions of a dancer, and work to keep you dancing.

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    Trigger point manual therapy that involves inserting a small filament needle into a muscle’s trigger point to resolve pain and decrease tension.

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    A hands-on approach to improving joint mobility, muscle pliability, and decreasing fascial restrictions to treat musculoskeletal pain.

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Unlike the other practitioners I’ve seen, Natalie took the time to ask detailed questions about my condition. She changed my stretching routine, and I can feel the difference she’s making after each therapy session.

When I went to see Natalie, I was seeking solutions for a mix of problems. I liked her holistic approach, her deep knowledge of traditional and new methodologies, and her compassionate follow through.

Dr. Natalie is one of the best in her profession. I have a great history with several physical therapists in Europe, but Natalie takes it to another level.

Dr. Natalie is worthy of praise and worth investing financially in, she gives a good return on investment.

I’ve seen Dr. Natalie for a variety of issues and I’ve always felt so much better afterwards. Whether it was lower leg issues from running, or back and shoulder pain, her dry needling, soft tissue work, and adjustments have made a huge difference in my pain level and performance.

After just one dry needling session I felt complete relief from the pain. It was amazing! Dr. Natalie is a kind and caring person that will do what it takes to help you.

Dr. Natalie is amazing! She is very educated in all of her physical therapy services and practices. She has such a wide variety of tools that she can use, all of which are very beneficial. I would highly recommend Reneu Sport + Health!

Conditions we treat

We treat and help patients with many different conditions.

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When the demands and stresses of daily activities become more than our body’s are prepared for, we begin to make compensations in reaction to those demands. When they become too much the specific muscle or joint, we begin to experience breakdown of the tissue, which then leads to pain.


Having adequate muscle length, pliability, and joint movement is they key to adequate mobility.


Whether your job is to take care of your family by performing household tasks, or to participate in an elite athletic event, our bodies must be able to respond to the demands placed on it, and then react in a way that is better than the rest.

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