May15th 2020

The great news I want to share about Dr. Natalie is, thanks to her help the following is no longer true about me. For the past decade a large part of my identity has been- chronically injured athlete never able to return to unrestricted function; 7 surgeries and a multitude of other injuries and chronic conditions will do that to you (all within 28 years of life). Dr. Natalie possesses the professional expertise, caring, perspective, and ethics that was needed to empower me to return to unrestricted function. Her treatment and care are founded upon great education, experience, and a commitment to continuing education without suffering from the restrictions of insurance.


May14th 2020

Life-changing care! Dr. Natalie keeps me moving. I consider her part of my health care team. I’ve had serious injury recovery as well as the “tweaks” we all do to our backs, knees, neck, etc. Whatever it is – she makes me feel better! I credit her with a better quality of life and my ability to do all the things in life I enjoy doing – pain-free!


May14th 2020

Dr. Natalie is one of the best in her profession. I have a great history with several physical therapists in Europe, but Natalie takes it to another level. Her experience helps to detect the problem very quickly and her skills make them go away. I would highly recommend her for your health and well-being.