May15th 2020

Dr. Natalie is amazing! She is very educated in all of her physical therapy services and practices. She has such a wide variety of tools that she can use, all of which are very beneficial.


May15th 2020

The first time I went to Dr. Natalie was for my back. I had back pain all through college as a collegiate rower. I never was able to find relief and I just lived with the pain in my back and down my legs. After just one dry needling session I felt complete relief from the pain. It was amazing! Dr. Natalie is a kind and caring person that will do what it takes to help you.


May15th 2020

I’ve seen Dr. Natalie for a variety of issues and I’ve always felt so much better afterward. Whether it was lower leg issues from running, or back and shoulder pain, her dry needling, soft tissue work, and adjustments have made a huge difference in my pain level and performance.