TMJ (temporomandibular joint) dysfunction is a common disorder that affects millions of Americans. Your dentist or doctor may have diagnosed this based off of pain in your jaw, locking/catching, or grinding at night. TMJ disorder can be aggravated by stress, headaches, and even tooth pain.

Similar to other joint problems, TMJ disorder is often painful because of the tightness in the muscles surrounding the jaw, as well as lack of movement in the joint itself.

What does treatment look like?

Treatment at Reneu will look at what side of the jaw is affected, as it may not be the one that is most painful. We will then utilize manual, hands-on techniques to decrease muscle tension in the jaw and surrounding muscles – often this includes the upper neck as well. Manual techniques may include dry needling, myofascial release, or internal trigger point therapy. Typically, relief can be felt in just a few sessions. Once we have discovered the source of the pain, we will instruct you in simple exercises and techniques to maintain your painfree and mobile jaw long after your treatment is over.

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