Patient Testimonials

  • Dr. Natalie is amazing! She is very educated in all of her physical therapy services and practices. She has such a wide variety of tools that she can use, all of which are very beneficial. I would highly recommend Reneu Sport + Health!


  • The first time I went to Dr. Natalie was for my back. I had back pain all through college as a collegiate rower. I never was able to find relief and I just lived with the pain in my back and down my legs. After just one dry needling session I felt complete relief from the pain. It was amazing! Dr. Natalie is a kind and caring person that will do what it takes to help you.


  • I’ve seen Dr. Natalie for a variety of issues and I’ve always felt so much better afterwards. Whether it was lower leg issues from running, or back and shoulder pain, her dry needling, soft tissue work, and adjustments have made a huge difference in my pain level and performance.


  • The great news I want to share about Dr. Natalie is, thanks to her help the following is no longer true about me. For the past decade a large part of my identity has been- chronically injured athlete never able to return to unrestricted function; 7 surgeries and a multitude of other injuries and chronic conditions will do that to you (all within 28 years of life). I have seen more medical professionals than I can remember. Some have been a bust, some have helped a little, some have helped a lot, but none have been able to empower me to return to unrestricted sport and activity. Dr. Natalie possesses the professional expertise, caring, perspective, and ethics that was needed to empower me to return to unrestricted function. Not only am I someone who personally knows the medical community quite well, I also professionally know what seperates the good from the great. As a movement performance and strength and conditioning coach, with a passion, knowledge base, and skill set for post-rehabilitative care, and one who specifically seeks out medical professionals to collaborate with, I hold great perspective to speak intelligently about medical practitioners. Dr. Natalie understands the great importance of bridging the gap between rehabilitation (by insurance standards- which are sad at times) and return to sport and activity, not just return to activities of daily living without pain. She holds her practice to a higher standard. One very important way she has done this is by offering cash-based direct-access care. Dr. Natalie’s care and treatment is not shackled by the unfortunately low standards of insurance companies. Her treatment and care is founded upon great education, experience, and a commitment to continuing education without suffering from the restrictions of insurance. In addition, she holds teamwork in high regard, reaching out to and collaborating with high quality strength and conditioning coaches to best serve her patients. Dr. Natalie is worthy of praise and worth investing financially in, she gives a good return on investment.


  • Dr. Natalie is one of the best in her profession. I have a great history with several physical therapists in Europe, but Natalie takes it to another level. Her experience helps to detect the problem very quickly and her skills make them go away. I would highly recommend her for your health and well-being.


  • When I went to see Dr. Natalie, I was seeking solutions for a mix of problems. I liked her holistic approach, her deep knowledge of traditional and new methodologies, and her compassionate follow through. I am a dancer, as is Natalie, and I especially appreciated her awareness and insights about movement, stretching and athleticism.


  • I’ve been seeing Natalie as a client for several months. I have had chronic Achilles tendinitis for nearly three years. In that time, I’ve been to an orthopedist, podiatrist, massage therapist and another physical therapist-all to no avail. I met Natalie in a business capacity and was so impressed with her ability to connect with people, outlook and background that I decided to give PT another try. I am glad I did. After 7-8 sessions with Natalie, my tendinitis is about 50% better, and still improving. Unlike the other practitioners I’ve seen, Natalie took the time to ask detailed questions about my condition. She changed my stretching routine, and I can feel the difference she’s making after each therapy session.