What the heck am I supposed to eat?

Dec13th 2016

In trying to decide what to write about for my very first blog post, I thought, what is something I am concerned with at the present moment? Something that is relatable to my physical and mental well-being. It seems that food is a constant concern: what can I grab thats easy for lunch (and won’t make me want to stop at Jimmy Johns because I’m still hungry). Or what can I make for dinner that is healthy and different. This is especially a challenge coming from a family where a steak-that-filled-your-plate-leaving-no-room-for anything-but-a-baked-potato was a weekly dinner.

The other reason my interest in this topic was sparked is because of a documentary I watched recently called “Food Choices.” It takes an unbiased, scientific look at what we should and shouldn’t be eating. The biggest thing I took away from the video as well as my own studies was this: Our bodies can only process so much protein. So eating a ridiculous amount of protein and forgetting about carbs is not the answer! It is recommended that we get .36 grams of protein per pound of body weight in a day. For a 130 lb. female that is 46g of protein. Did you know that a small, 3 oz piece of meat has about 21 grams of protein!!? Even if we are exercising and trying to build lean muscle mass, we don’t need much more protein then that; our bodies simply can’t process it and it can be extremely hard on our kidneys. The other piece of this information that is key is that all animal proteins are created equal. I clearly thought that eating salmon was MUCH better for me than a large steak. The truth is, is might have a tiny amount less of fat, but not much. The amount of protein is what matters, and anything that comes from animals has a lot.

Now what? Not eating meat let alone all animal foods and going to a strictly whole food, plant based diet is out of the question for me. If anything, I am taking a more “laid back” approach to eating. It is somewhat freeing to not worry about counting calories or the grams of protein I am trying to get in day. And I can eat whole grains and carbs?! The best news yet. And my message to anyone else trying to figure out the best diet for their body is to DO YOUR RESEARCH. Don’t listen to the news or advertisements because they are all biased and not scientific. Read a book written by a nutritionist who has studied these things for a long time. Not someone’s opinion. and bottom line, do what works for you. Don’t restrict yourself or torture yourself because you think thats what you should do. Eat when your hungry, and everything in moderation. (easier said then done=) GOOD LUCK!