About Us

At Reneu Sport + Health, our highly trained physical therapists offer individualized, hands-on treatments with a goal of decreasing pain, preventing injury, and improving performance. We take an innovative approach to Physical Therapy treatments by utilizing the most up to date, evidence-based techniques. We understand many people may have “done PT” before, but there are multiple approaches to treating the same injury and our expert doctors focus on providing relief as quickly as possible by getting to the source of the problem. Our goal is to have your leave your first visit feeling better than when you came.


Neck pain

When the demands and stresses of daily activities become more than our body’s are prepared for,

we begin to make compensations in reaction to those demands. When those demands become too

much forthe specific muscle or joint, we begin to experience breakdown of the tissue, which then leads to pain. By neutralizing the painful pathways, we are able to eliminate pain quickly, and move into the next phase of recovery.



MobilityHaving adequate muscle length, pliability, and joint movement is they key to adequate overall mobility. Lack of mobility and stability at joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments is what ultimately leads to injury. At Reneu, we evaluate and treat areas of tension, tightness, and dysfunction to allow for proper movement patterns that will, over time, prevent injury.



Whether your job is to participate in an elite athletic event, sit at a computer all day, or to take care of your family by performing household tasks, our bodies must be able to respond to the demands placed on it. By increasing muscle activation and joint stability at end ranges of movement, we can create a physical environment that allows for optimal performance.

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