5 Ways to Relieve Neck and Back Pain

back May20th 2018

How to Reduce Neck and Back Pain

Many people suffer from neck and/or back pain and don’t know how to fix it, or think its something they have to just “live with.” Your pain might be from a previous injury, arthritis, bad posture or another cause. However, there are things that you can do to lessen the pain or, in some cases, eliminate it completely. Here are five things that may seem like common-sense, but are often forgotten. Try them and see how much it can improve your physical comfort, and prevent your pain from getting worse.

  1. Avoid Injury – This one is obvious, but it is a common cause of neck pain and back pain. Often people get in a hurry and fail to follow the common-sense rules to protect themselves from injury. If you don’t know how to lift properly, for example, you run the risk of straining your back and neck. Our experts are trained to show you how you can do your work without compromising your health.
  2. Improve Your Posture – Growing up, most kids have heard the words “stand up straight” more than once. It’s not just cosmetic. Correct posture can help position your body so it functions better throughout the day. Rather than stiffly throwing your shoulders back to achieve this, our team of physical therapist will show you how to align naturally for best results. For example, one practice would be to imagine a string at the top of your head pulling you gently upward, towards the sky. If you have a desk job, be sure to take a break every half hour and stand, stretch, or take a short walk throughout the day. Incorporate variety into your work posture by using a standing desk or changing positions.
  3. Exercise and Recovery – Non-stop work can wear you down. It’s crucial to get adequate sleep every night to let your mind and body recover and rejuvenate so you’re ready for the next day. If you don’t get enough sleep it can affect your pain tolerance, making a bad situation worse. Sleep deprivation sets you up for increased stress and weakens your immune system. Daily exercise, such as walking for 30 minutes, will improve your strength, heart health and flexibility.
  4. Eat Healthy – What you consume fuels your day and if you are eating fried or processed foods, you are increasing inflammation in your body. This causes pain and dehydration, but the cure is not complicated. Make sure you eat fruits, vegetables and lean protein every day and drink plenty of water (1/2 your body weight in ounces). Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink that water, keep a glass with you as you work and take a bottle of water with you when you are active. Being hydrated eases many symptoms and helps your body function efficiently.
  5. Get Professional Input – While these tips are good general advice, everyone is unique. It is wise to consult with a professional in movement and posture who knows how to spot problem areas and can give you personal solutions for your specific issues. The goal is to restore your health, improve your movement, strengthen your muscles and give you the guidelines to maintain a higher level of pain-free function. Our physical therapists are educated medical experts who can provide the knowledge and advice you need to achieve your goals. It may be as simple as one visit.

What to Expect From Us

Our Physical Therapist will meet with you, do a thorough analysis of your posture, movement and strength, discuss your daily routine and determine what is causing your pain. Then, using her knowledge of muscles and skeletal systems, she’ll determine the correct treatment plan to achieve the fastest results.  

By seeing our physical therapist at least once a year many painful outcomes can be avoided before they begin, due to our individualized assessments, recommendations and proper therapy.

Why live with pain for one more minute? Call Reneu Sport + Health and make an appointment today and get started eliminating your pain and improving your well-being.